I’ve been watching Game of Thrones,
I’m on season 2 now, but it inspired me to paint something fantasy… So I painted my awesome old cat Guinness.

Just a bit of fun painting this.
Inspired by some of the Magic the Gathering cards Giulietta and I bought the other week.
The idea is some kind of magic user… or something…

Some quick concepts for a visual novel my friends and I are working on.
Early days, but I’d like to use my leftmost design and possibly do a full painting at some point.

Some concept art I did yesterday for ScriptForge to get the ball rolling on their untitled Visual Novel about giant worms in a dystopian futuristic America.
They wanted me to illustrate some of the poorer, outdated towers to ward away worm attacks from the main roads. I’ll later be painting some of the more exciting areas such as a desert prison and futuristic raised highways, which is always fun.
Click For Full Resolution

University Product Design piece based on Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. This box set uses humor to act as though becoming a ‘vermin’ because of depression is a reality, and provides things that can help the recovery back to your normal human self.

Basically, it is a self help kit for people becoming depressed or verminous ‘bug people’. The book details helpful tips to avoid depression, and if read upside down it reads to avoid anxiety. The logo can also be read upside down. One side ‘Gregor’ the other ‘Vermin’. Two of the important words in the novel.

The soap and bandages are to help those who have already become bugs, and need to fix up. The energy drink is to address those on the verge of becoming vermin, and need a pick me up to help get out of bed and start the day.

Letterform (Or… Numberform, I guess) Design.

I originally wanted to produce a whole font based on this, But right now I have no time.

Looks pretty though.

Painting for the cover of ‘Forte Magazine’ to be published later this month.

Sip sip.

Based on a skype conversation during our professional esport athletic training of the pro Bronze III team Neblog DMG Donce. Fast approaching the dizzy heights of Bronze II.

I’m selling this idea to Rito for 2,000,000RP. TY.

Quality Graphic Design by yours truly.

Doodles from sketchbook while on a ship to Rouen

Portrait of my girlfriend, Giulietta.

Merry Xmas / Happy New Year everyone!… Thank God 2013 is finally over.

I love this, walking out of a student accommodation building and seeing the updated logo and design I did while freelancing for The Engine Shed.
Pretty nice feeling, I had no idea they were planning on making these kinds of signs with my work.

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