Another 30 minute practice painting.
I didn’t like how I did her face so BLAMMO it’s gone.

Some work I did for my university’s Graduation Ball.
The idea was for the leaflet to resemble a graduation photo, yet advertised the event. You get the idea.
Got some really positive feedback. People seemed to like how uniquely I branded it.

An hour of gestures on

Typographic Circus Project for Visual Expression 2.

Animation, Music, and the foot are all my own.

A relatively old piece from a few months ago.
I tried emulating a Ghibli style to make some kind of poster. Not my usual thing, but pretty fun to make anyway.

Final Piece for the project ‘Walk-in Book Cover’.
The book was Tiger By The Tail, I based this piece on one of the most crucial scenes in which during a power out, the main character Ken comes back inside with a torch to find the woman he was with had been murdered with an ice pick.
The installation is meant to mirror this scene by making the viewer look closer through the dim lighting to see the title on her chest, and find the stab wound within the letters.

April Fools Self Portrait

Tried doing some 3D modelling for a project I’m working on in class to save all the ridiculous time consuming perspective drawing.

First time actually making something in 3D that doesnt look THAT awful!

Click image to enlarge.

'They say little and possess great wisdom. They never have to worry about money; they are financially fortunate. Snake people are often quite vain, selfish, and a bit stingy.'So I did a bit of research and painted a snakelike goddess for Newsha-Ghasemi and fdasuarez’s Zodiac Competition.I wanted to show otherworldly godliness in this piece, and paint her attractive as snakes are seen as ‘seducers of humans’ in a lot of historic fiction.

Some book covers I made for class last year. They seemed to like my work.

Orbhead is apparently pretty weird but that’s surely a good thing right?

I’ll be refining one of these for a competition in a few months, Repaint it or redesign it or whatever.

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