Sip sip.

Based on a skype conversation during our professional esport athletic training of the pro Bronze III team Neblog DMG Donce. Fast approaching the dizzy heights of Bronze II.

I’m selling this idea to Rito for 2,000,000RP. TY.

Quality Graphic Design by yours truly.

I love this, walking out of a student accommodation building and seeing the updated logo and design I did while freelancing for The Engine Shed.
Pretty nice feeling, I had no idea they were planning on making these kinds of signs with my work.

Some work I did for my university’s Graduation Ball.
The idea was for the leaflet to resemble a graduation photo, yet advertised the event. You get the idea.
Got some really positive feedback. People seemed to like how uniquely I branded it.

Typographic Circus Project for Visual Expression 2.

Animation, Music, and the foot are all my own.

Some book covers I made for class last year. They seemed to like my work.

Orbhead is apparently pretty weird but that’s surely a good thing right?

I’ll be refining one of these for a competition in a few months, Repaint it or redesign it or whatever.

I’m not dead, just working on projects.I figured I’d upload some art I did for a Sci-Fi indie film ‘The_Space’.The director and I decided to use some of my art to make a mock movie poster because why not.The film isn’t finished yet, so I’ll probably update this description with a link to the film when its done in a few months.

Ok well… they asked for a graph…
I think I got carried away.

'The Typ'

A supplement designed for The Typographic Circle’s magazine ‘Circular’.

Hardback book style for resistance to make it more collectable.

A mockup book I made for visual expression ISTD brief.

I figured it’d be easier to make a video than take photos of spreads.

The winter issue of bullet.
Its a shame our editor wouldnt let me use the photos from the shoot we set up, but overall I like the general feel of the issue despite alot of the features were last-minute.
Cover photo by Chris Algar. Designs by me.

Figured i’d upload it since it took me so long,
Did this a while ago for a project, It’s the entire first chapter of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ using typography creatively.

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