I’ve always loved what snow does to this place

My chihuahua, Poppy.
She’s an awesome little pooch.

Myself, Bridget Barnes and Chris Algar working on the cover for the next issue of Bullet. Photo taken by Tom Bishop.
The guidelines set by the editor were that the cover needed to look ‘cosy’ and wanted a typical christmas card type scene featuring a log fire and stockings hanging etc.
Apart from not having access to this kind of scene, Both myself and Chris thought this wouldn’t make much of an impact on a potential reader since the issue comes out January and a christmas issue would seem out of place.
I left the cover with Chris and he went and took photos of different things like the christmas market etc, In the end he didn’t like the results so I decided our best venture would be a coffee shop type scene featuring a model being ‘cosy’.
The session took place in the Tower Bar, a venue I felt suitable to the mood I wanted. I didn’t actually want to model at all in the shoot since i’m art editor, putting myself on the cover would look really vain. There are lots of photos of just Bridget which was my initial plan, But they persuaded me two models could possibly look better so I stepped in when Tom said he’d rather do some ‘behind the scenes photography’ than be our second model.
Overall I think the shoot went well, Looking forward to getting the photos back from Chris and I can select one for the cover.

He didnt seem to care that i was taking pictures.

Some Vernacular photography of the more vile Gainsborough areas.

Another short photography project, i went out with Aidan and Ash from my class to do some night photography in which we had to have the model (in my case Aidan) in every shot.

I think the reason we did this was purely to experiment with the use of light in the streets for our photography.

I’m not too keen on my results as i feel some are too bright, but i think some worked pretty well composition wise and overall i think it worked out ok.

Snow was the deepest i’ve ever seen it, so i took some pictures of around my house while i had the chance.


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